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November Is Dedicated To The Holy Souls in Purgatory: What Is Purgatory?

NOVEMBER IS THE MONTH DEDICATED TO THE HOLY SOULS IN PURGATORY, BUT WE CAN PRAY FOR THEM ANYTIME! Click the link below to watch a video that explains what Purgatory is and why it exists.       ***CLICK HERE TO WATCH*** WHY PURGATORY MUST EXIST: EXPLAINING THE FAITH with Fr. Chris Alar .   Note: I enjoyed this video very much, however, I would add something I don’t recall Fr. Alar mentioning in his talk. The Holy Souls, in all of their suffering, are happier than any souls on earth could be, because it is they that know for certain that they have been saved eternally and are merely undergoing their final purification. I know this of my personal time studying the lives of the saints and the souls in purgatory.  What is Purgatory?  The Catechism teaches us that “Purgatory is a  state  in which those suffer for a time who die guilty of venial sins, or without having satisfied for the punishment due to their sins.” (Baltimore Catechism #4 p.322, Pub. Baronius Press.) Can the faithful on ear

A Particular Miracle Rosary Connected To The Eucharist And The French Revolution

St. Colette of Corbie: Franciscan Reformer of the Poor Clares